Rachit Technology

Rachit Technology offers a well-balanced mix of services, which help deliver real improvements in efficiency, growth and sustainability. We offer custom solutions to suit the client profile. Our service portfolio is designed to help our customers maximize their ROI in IT.

Rachit Technology's IT services are a winning combination of our rich experience, expertise and new ideas, as we constantly research new possible ways of achieving what you require.

Service Offerings

Service Offering


  1. Technologies: Java, Android, iOs, PHP, VB.net, Windows 8.1,10 development
  2. Software Packaging : MSInstaller, Inno Setup
  3. Database : IBM DB2, Oracle, MySql, Sqlite
  4. Requirement gathering Tool : Visio
  5. Version Control Tools : SVN,PVCS, VSS


We follow latest globally recognized software development methodology catered as per client requirement which makes project execution easy. Various high level stages we follow in standard SDLC project are as below

  1. Project Launch
  2. Acquire Resources
  3. Requirement Definition
  4. Detailed Design
  5. System Configuration
  6. Acquire and Install System
  7. Application Development
  8. Data Migration
  9. System Documentation
  10. Testing
  11. Training
  12. Production Implementation