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"Rachit" means Created/creation. Rachit Technology is a global product based Software Company. As a product company, it's all about quality and innovation. We are committed in developing quality products to enhance user experience using latest technologies.
Our expertise is in Mobile Application Development, Educational Software Development, Website Development and Cloud Computing. We are into IT Services and Corporate Software Training as well.

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Our skilled technical team is able to design and develop Educational software that is above and beyond what you would expect.

Cloud Architecture


Our expertise is in building serverless apps and can help you to build next-gen scalable cloud enabled software.



DApp is an application run by users on decentralized network. This page is placeholder to list all DApps developed by us. Install METAMASK to try Campaign DApp



We provide a corporate technical training



Rachit Blog
मराठी रीती रिवाज
May 23, 2020

महाराष्ट्रातील सण, देवस्थाने, पूजा, आरत्या आणि बरीच माहिती

English Crossword Puzzle
Crossword Puzzle
May 18, 2020

Hidden Benefits of Crossword Puzzle

Law Learning App
Competitive Exams
May 12, 2020

How Mobile App is helpful in preparing for Competitive Exams?

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence
Advaita - AI & ML
May 25, 2019

Cricket World Cup Data Visualization and Machine learning Beta

Data Visualization
IPL Data Visualization
April 7, 2019

Data visualization

Learn Law with Mobile Apps
How Mobile App is Helpful in Learning Law?
June 23, 2018

Law App - A self-learning platform for Law

IFSC Code Finder
IFSC Code Finder
September 22, 2018

Download FREE App - 'IFSC Code Finder', which works offline

Open Source Ecosystems
Open Source Ecosystems
Feb 7, 2015

Understanding and implementation of open source ecosystems




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  • Jenny D

    The Highway Code

    So far so good Very impressed with the breakdown of chapters, easy to locate relevant information.

  • Chandan bhurat

    Great apps! particularly helps a lot in preparing for exams.

  • Vishnu Raj

    Income Tax Act 1961

    This is really fentabules app And it is useful for tax student's

  • Mani Karthik

    Very useful app

    This app made my studies quiet easier.. thank you team

  • Anshul Rohilla

    Love it

    Every definition, every section, EVERYTHING is available.. Great app


    Income Tax Act 1961

    ITAct Excellent App in this category. Search highlights on sections are superb. Keep it up

  • Slime Buster

    Thought of the day

    It is the best app with the the best thoughts that are not even listened. Best for me.. I love this app too much

  • Sahitya Saini

    The Best Work...!!!

    This app has all, what an HR guy need to learn about ILL. Great work dear developer. Thank you from core my heart.

  • Earnest Kondego

    UK - Police Evidence Act 1984

    Its good and nice

  • kimotok barnabas

    Kenya's The Criminal Procedure Code

    Your apps are excellent. Keep it up.

  • joseph shonge

    The Highway Code

    It's just awesome

  • prathamesh Indap

    India - Companies Act 2013 & Rules


  • Hamza idrees

    Thank you. It saved me from purchasing book in hard copy.

  • centrix chepkesen

    Kenya's Sexual Offences Act

    Very educative indeed

  • Md.Salman Dehlvi

    the great source of legal know-how for Law students and lawyers. Thanks a million for creating such a resourceful app.

  • A Google User

    very good work on this app it gives full information with in seconds keep up the good work

  • Himansu Puhan

    Thought of the day

    We should start our day witha good thought.this app really best for it.thanks alot for this app

  • Baskaramoorthy Bas

    Law App

    Best, updated Law app, a to z around the globe...

  • HASEL vidzo

    Kenya's Sexual Offences Act

    Great....! well descriptions and has no need to peruse the book of laws again for for references!!!!

  • Amatullha Tapiya

    Thought of the day

    Good app All the thoughts are very inspiring

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